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I blame Lara!
Amira - I blame Lara!

As usual I was minding my own business and trying to be a serious film maker, when I was rudely interrupted from "The craft" and forced to indulge in the most shameful shenanigans imaginable! Yes, once again, my slave driver of a wife, Lara, demanded that not only must I create a cinematic masterpiece but also stuff my cock into Amirah's tight arse! To be frank, I hit the roof, "How can I be expected to produce a work of art, when you always insist on me dropping my trousers and getting my cock out?" I protested. "Just shut your big mouth and get yer knob out! You can give me a work of art with your dick jammed up Amirah's bum; anyway, a chimp would do a better job on cam than you do!" yelled Lara. I was mortified at her suggestion that I was no better than a simple, cuddly, primate at the art of filming. yes I know they can ride bikes a...


Suntanned trollop from Tasmania!
Amira - Suntanned trollop from Tasmania!

Well, as members will see, this week I am a very lucky man indeed. After Amira had enjoyed 30 minutes of hot lesbo action with Lara, the girls were in a desperate mood for some cock, basically pussy licking simply wasn't enough to satisfy their insatiable appetites. Normally, Lara would have taken the camera and continued filming, but this time she not only joined Amira for some cock sucking, but she also clambered onto the sofa with Amira and presented me with her lovely arse up in the air. Choices, choices, what was I to do? On the left, I had the lovely round sun-tanned arse of Amira beckoning to me and on the right the siren call of the gorgeous and internationally famous buttocks of my wife Lara. Well, being a fan of stockings and heels, I let my dick make the choice and it naturally plumped to fuck Lara first and then proceed to Ami...


Coco goes loco!
Coco - Coco goes loco!

Members will have drooled over the lovely Coco's transition from her successful "casting" a few weeks ago then into the willing paws of Lara for some fun and now passed back into my eager trotters for a full blown hardcore porno xxx session! Much to my delight and I expect millions of others, Coco didn't bother changing out of her, "Fantasy schoolgirl outfit" and just leapt into action seemingly reinvigorated by her hot lesbo session with Lara. To be honest I was quite shocked by her shameless behaviour and had he been present, even the Devil himself would have turned away to hide his blushes (again) at Coco's spectacle of wantonness! I myself was just about to give her a stern chastisement, when she interrupted me by plunging my dick as far down her throat as she could get it, at which point I thought it prudent to save my scolding for...


North Pole dancer!
Nadya - North Pole dancer!

Any girl that shows up to one of my shoots wearing those skin tight rubber style trousers, that wouldn't look out of place in a House of Pain in Hamburg, gets my vote. Nadya is NOT from the North Pole, as my title would suggest, she is actually from Moscow, which of course IS north of us. Also she is an exotic pole dancer in a club. Jimslip members will blush as she describes how punters are permitted to do what they like with her! The only "House rule" at her club is, "Get stuck in, folks!" I too was shocked to my very core and may I say a little turned on as she related the gory details of the antics played out in this shameful establishment. Unfortunately, she refused to give me the name and address of this den of iniquity, so that I could have visited it on my next trip to Moscow ( the day after tomorrow! ) and given the owner a ster...


Poppet in pink pumps!
Charlize - Poppet in pink pumps!

As jimslip members would have witnessed, Charlize passed her "casting" with flying colours and passed through to the next phase on her gruelling journey to that world of sleaze and filth, known as porn! A dark world of rubbish strewn alleyways and grubby attic studios, peopled by breathless, wheezing pornographers with stubby sweaty hands gripping cameras coated in the organic debris of previous gropings, hunched over and salivating for their next victim! Anyway, enough of me and now back to Charlize, who reappeared with a cute little dress and pink pumps, or should I say plimsolls? I don't think I need to say much more than she had a body that would bring Satan to his knees and also that she was extremely energetic!


Aphrodite from Athens!
Charlize - Aphrodite from Athens!

For the first time on we have a beautiful, Greek Goddess, by name of Charlize. She got in touch after dipping her toe into the quagmire of sleaze back home in Greece. Charlize described how she had done a few shoots that hadn't gone too well and decided to plunge in feet first and do a Jim Slip casting. When I received her email and saw her photo, I must admit I immediately covered my keyboard in drool as I gazed at Charlize pouting at me from my screen! I commanded her to board a plane forthwith and get to my lair as soon as humanly possible. This she did and members will see, Charlize did not disappoint!


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