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Crazed anal orgy!
Lara Latex - Crazed anal orgy!

If last week's episode wasn't enough for you, now things go from bad to worse. Henessy and my wife Lara had at this point lost all sense of decorum and like those crazed zombies you see in films lusting for fresh meat, Lara and Henessy roamed the apartment lusting for fresh cock. Nothing would satisfy their insatiable hunger! Mercilessly they dragged me into their quagmire of shame and together plotted to use me to satisfy Henessy's desperation for anal sex. Lara did not waste her time in the act of aiding and abetting this shameful act! What was I to do? Ask yourselves what would you do if your wife demanded that you squeezed your dick into a beautiful girl's tight arse, whilst she was dressed in a sexy schoolgirls outfit? Yes, my brethren, I am sure you would have found strength from above to resist, but I alas, am no more than a weak m...
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Sex crazed schoolgirl mayhem!
Lara Latex - Sex crazed schoolgirl mayhem! members will have already seen how a few weeks ago my wife, Lara, had been ravaged by wanton schoolgirl, Henessey. It seemed that donning the school uniform had turned Henessey into a crazed sex slut and having left Lara strewn lifeless on the sofa had decided to launch an all out attack on me! What was I to do? A true professional, a master of my craft as cameraman, director and dare I say, thespian? To be honest, I blushed as Henessey and Lara beckoned me to join in their lewd and shameful antics. I, a purveyor of, "The Art" was left with 2 simple choices; to either fiercely protest and insist that I adhere to the unwritten international lore of the video cameramen, ie to NEVER grope one's subjects, or secondly to think, "Bollocks, life is too short, let's get my knob sucked by a babe dressed in a schoolgirl outfit and a...
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Miss Kinky Boots!
Cypriana - Miss Kinky Boots!

This week we have a total babe for you. She arrived to perform in one of my "Casting Cuties" auditions and as you will see, passed with flying colours. I was most impressed when she turned up wearing, panto style "Puss in Boots" over-knee footwear and skin tight jeans, I half expected her to slap her thigh and say "Come on Jim, get that cock out!". Anyway, you will gasp as you see her sink to her knees, rip down my trouser zip (Missing my dick by a few millimetres) and stuff it into her mouth without a bye or leave. As you know I am a hard task master and suggested she lose the panto gear and put on some stockings and heels so we could fuck properly, as her jeans were impeding our progress. When she reappeared through the "Doors of Fame" or should I say, "The Doors of Shame", I nearly fell over backwards with shock as she looked so damn ...
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Fist of Fury!
Lyen - Fist of Fury!

As members will have gloated over, Lyen was gagging for cock. The fact that she had had the foresight to wear a sexy, fishnet body stocking UNDER her rubber trousers was a triumph of forward planning! I think it was this sexy combo that turned her into a sex crazed, lust filled beast! She was so wild that I could have done with a chair and whip to keep her at bay and don't ask me about her fisting antics! This week she decided to swallow my dick into her tight bum and members will salivate at seeing her groan into the camera as she plunges me ball deep into her arse time and time again. To be frank, I was shocked at her wanton behaviour and cautioned her to curb her sex crazed antics, but she simply chose to ignore me and just continued stuffing my cock into her arse until she was satisfied!
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Ball Busting Butt
Lyen - Ball Busting Butt

This week we bring back the image of the old Avengers series mixed with a little of the Hollywood megastar Uma Thurman. No unfortunately we haven't managed to enlist a superstar for a jimslip scene, but we enlisted Lyen instead who looks like a superstar! She arrived clad in what looked like skin tight, shiny, rubber. Now, my gran used to love venomously hissing, "The only place for rubber is in tyres and incontinence pants!" I beg to differ, rubber looks great on girls with long legs and long boots. In fact the look drives me crazy. Jim & Lara members of course will see Lyen bend over and present her gorgeous, shiny, arse into Laras camera and I accept no responsibility for anyone who suddenly finds that's he or she has suddenly developed premature ejaculation after having to endure watching this ball-achingly sexy shot! Anyway, prepare...
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Couple ravages teen!
Lara Latex - Couple ravages teen!

Well my brethren, if you were to quickly jump on to my wife's website, and simply scroll back a few pages you will find a rather cute teen called Ava, dressed as a schoolgirl and being ravaged by Lara. Site members will have already salivated at the sight of Lara burying her tongue in Ava's tight bum and they will have drooled all over their laptops as Ava reciprocated with her lizard like tongue flicking in and out of Lara's tight bum! Well folks, guess what, these two hussies invited my to join in their shameful shenanigans. At first I was shocked and appalled at the idea of being forced to engage in a rampant orgy with a girl dressed in a school uniform and a long legged MILF in stockings and heels! So I made a quick brew to calm myself down, said a short prayer and then leapt in to the affray. Lara wasted no time...
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