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Bootilicious babe from Barcelona
Sascha - Bootilicious babe from Barcelona

This week we have a Rihanna look-a-like in the shape of Sascha. You don't get many girls arriving like Sascha, In fact you don't get many girls like Sascha full stop. Especially wearing dresses that zip all the way up revealing the most curvaceous body and as our American cousins would say, "Bootilicious" arse lurking beneath! As far as I was concerned she had ''passed" the audition the moment she walked through the door and I then awarded her a much coveted, "Graduated with distinction" when she wrapped her luscious, soft lips around my dick and swallowed me whole! Sascha then, (With no shame) decided to grab my camcorder, don my specs and headphones and film ME screwing her on the sofa, a difficult shot even for David Attenborough's much coveted film crew had they attempted it, but Sascha had no problem plunging the camcorder into ever...


Ananter morphs into sexy nurse!
Ananter - Ananter morphs into sexy nurse!

As Jim Slip members will have seen, Ananter showed her prowess as a camera girl when she donned the headphones and filmed me screwing her on the sofa. As you can imagine it was quite a tight shot, but she did me proud! Anyway, by now I was rampant with lust and I handed the camera over to Lara Latex. In the meantime we had transformed Ananter into a sexy nurse and if you ever actually saw a nurse striding around looking like this you would have a cardiac arrest. Tightly clad in her starched white uniform just skimming her pert round bottom, long, long, legs in seamed stockings yanked up as high as they will go and high heels making that unmistakable "clicking" sound that high heels do when walked on, that "clicking" that drives religious zealots crazy with rage! That "clicking" that was fashioned in the Devil's sound studios and exists fo...


Ultimate sex secretary!
Ananter - Ultimate sex secretary!

As you may have guessed, we have decided to embark on a "Sexy secretary bonanza" on Yes, my brethren, I have answered your prayers!I have succumbed to your wailing! Last week we had the delicious Vander and this week we possibly have the ultimate sexy secretary in Ananter. The reason being that she actually looks like a REAL secretary and underneath that tight skirt her legs go on for ever and ever and ever! You will pop your cork as you see her leaning back against the wall and seductively pulling up her tight pencil skirt to reveal those luscious legs, clad in stockings and suspenders and of course high heels! If I had to work in a busy office or call centre and I saw Ananter stand up and do this in front of all the staff, I am sure that everyone would have to stand up, drop their trousers and furiously masterbate all over...


Sexy secretary in seamed stockings!
Vander - Sexy secretary in seamed stockings!

Yes, I thought that would get your attention! How many of us have lusted over that new sexy secretary who turns up to work in a skin tight mini skirted Chanel suit and insists on bending over the photo copier, wiggling her pert bum in front of you and revealing that she is wearing stockings and suspenders underneath? Yes, for the young people out there, this used to be the norm in ALL offices in the UK. Just check out the Carry On films and you'll get the idea of what pre PC Britain was like. It was non stop, "Phwoar, your a right little corker and make no mistake abart it luv, fancy a shag?" and of course they ALWAYS fancied a shag! Alas, these days your secretary will probably be wearing goggle-eye specs, have her hair greased down like Colonel Kleb and be dressed in some grey, utilitarian jump suit as worn by the feminists of North ...


A whirlwind of wickedness!
Mischa - A whirlwind of wickedness!

Mischa reminded me of one of those toys you wind up, put on the ground and then they crazily crash into walls, bounce off and continue crashing and banging into furniture and anything else that gets in their way until they are exhausted of power. There was no let up in Mischa's continued and sustained wantonness! Every time I attempted to pause for breath, she would renew her attack on me, demanding rampant sex in every way imaginable. On the floor, on the sofa, bent over against a post, there was simply no stopping her and do you know what the strangest and most shocking thing of all was? Yes, listen, learn and be cowed, my brethren, in spite of a whole hour of crazed rampant sex, did she at any time think of removing her wooly cardigan! I shudder to think what would have become of me, if she had done so!


Wicked wench from Warsaw!
Mischa - Wicked wench from Warsaw!

To get 2014 going with a bang, allow me to present the amazing 19 year old Mischa from Warsaw in Poland. She arrived at one of my "Castings" and to be honest I was both shocked and appalled by her lewd behaviour. When I innocently enquired as to what she thought her role might be at a so called jimslip "casting", she had the brazen affront to look into the camera and whisper, "You wanna fuck me, right?" Yes, my brethren, once again, I had to be administered with smelling salts to stop me fainting with shock! How dare this hussy, attempt to drag a jimslip, "Casting" into disrepute! How dare she take the sanctity of a jimslip casting and trample it into the foul, stinking slurry of sleaze! Well, to be frank, I nearly stormed out in anger and yes, for ONE WHOLE SECOND I was incandescent with rage, but then she added, "Of course I'll need to...


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